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Nina Stemme
Magnus Svensson

RICHARD WAGNER — Wesendonck-Lieder

ROBERT SCHUMANN — Sechs Gedichte, Op. 90 ; Requiem, Op. 90b

RICHARD STRAUSS — Zueignung, Cäcilie, Wiegenlied, Ruhe, meine Seele, Kling !

KURT WEILL — Surabaya-Johnny ; Je ne t’aime pas ; The Saga of Jenny ; My Ship

Nina Stemme, the greatest Isolde of her generation, invites us to a veritable Western love story that represents the height of German Romanticism. Wagner’s Wesendonck-Lieder, a feverish testing ground for Tristan und Isolde, are accompanied by the troubled melancholy of Schumann, the nostalgic post-Romanticism of Strauss, and the ironic detachment of Weill.

Monday 19 July 2021
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